Georgia Civitan

Camp Big Heart was founded by members of the Georgia Civitan District, and many generations of civitans and junior civitans have volunteered here over the years. Civitan is the main sponsor of Camp Big Heart. To this day, the Camp’s Board of Directors is exclusively made up of Civitans.

Civitan International is an association of community service clubs founded in 1917 in Birmingham, Alabama. Civitan aims to build good citizenship through service to community needs with an emphasis on helping those with developmental disabilities. In fact, Civitans were some of the first to provide specific training to teachers of developmentally disabled children.

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Are You a Member?

Does your local Civitan Club of Georgia want to get involved with camp? There are a number of projects that we would love for your Civitan Club to sponsor.

  • Sponsor and Serve a Dinner During Camp
  • Build Wheelchair Ramps

Contact our administrator to get involved today!