• Session One will be Sunday, June 11 to Friday, June 16, 2017, for school age campers.
  • Session Two will be Sunday, June 18  to Friday, June 23, 2017, for young adult campers.
  • Session Three will be Sunday June 25 to Friday, June 30, 2017, for older campers – max age 60.
  • Civitan International is an association of community service clubs founded in 1917 in Birmingham, Alabama. Civitan aims to build good citizenship through service to community needs with an emphasis on helping those with developmental disabilities. In fact, Civitans were some of the first to provide specific training to teachers of developmentally disabled children.
  • Camp Big Heart was founded by members of the Georgia Civitan District, and many generations of civitans and junior civitans have volunteered here over the years. To this day, the Camp’s Board of Directors is exclusively made up of Civitans.
The cost is $410 per camper for one week of camp. This includes room/board, meals, activities, entertainment, and on-site medical care.
  • We have a medical team of nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians who are experienced with working with our camper population. They work out of our on-site medical lodge and there is always someone on call in the medical lodge.
  • Our medical staff will store prescribed medications in the medical lodge. Our counselors will bring campers to the medical lodge for their meds as needed.
Our campers range in age from 7 to 60 years.

  • Session One is school age campers.
  • Session Two is young adults.
  • Session Three is older adults – max age 60.
Most of our funding comes from camper fees and the Civitan Clubs of Georgia. The rest of the funding to run and improve camp is made possible by donations.
2017 T-shirts will be given to campers at Camp and are included in the cost of attendance. T-shirts from previous years will be sold on the day of arrival.
Please contact our administrator, Julie Miller. She will be happy to answer any additional questions that you have. Her contact information can be found on our contact page.